Ann & Phil Case

Ann and Phil Case have been singing and playing music together since 1990. They specialize in singing old-time instrumental duets. Ann sings with a rare natural sweetness and plays back-up guitar and fiddle. Phil plays guitar, Dobro, claw-hammer banjo, mandolin and harmonica, as well as providing harmony vocals. Both Ann and Phil enjoy playing the ukulele. Their sound draws upon the influences of the Carter Family and their contemporaries, early country blues, ragtime, traditional ballad singing and the sounds found on old 78 rpm records.

Their first CD, The Springtime of Life, was released in 1996 on their own Dry Run Recordings label. Three years later Ann and Phil released their second CD titled Never Grow Old. They also recorded Why Should We Be Lonely (2003), The Old Step-Stone (2007), as well as their latest album which was released in 2012 titled When Shadows Fall.

Their recordings have received enthusiastic support from public radio programmers across the U.S. and overseas. Album reviews have been printed in magazines such as Bluegrass Unlimited, Dirty Linen, Tradition and Sing Out! From these reviews they earned a listing in the MusicHound Folk buyer’s guide, as well as a feature article in the Summer 2004 issue of The Old-Time Herald. Together, Ann and Phil Case continue to bring reverence, freshness and vitality to some fine old songs.

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