Mark Whitt & the True Bluegrass Band

Mark Whitt & the True Bluegrass Band

Mark Whitt from Xenia, Ohio with roots in Sandy Hook, Kentucky is defined with a traditional bluegrass voice. He is the founding member of Mark Whitt and the True Bluegrass Band, which was formed in 2016.

Mark handles lead vocals and guitar. He wrote and released the title track for his “Fly Me Home” album in 2013 as well as two new songs, including the title track, “Over You”, and “I Heard Sweet Music Playing”, for “Over You” released in 2016. The title track, “Over you”, hit number 1 on the Airplay Direct chart in 2016, and finished 88th in the top 100 Roots Music Chart for traditional bluegrass album of the year in 2016.

Band members include, Damon Hixon of Jeffersonville, Ohio, who plays banjo and sings tenor and lead. Damon formerly played with New Mountain Heritage. Dewey Smith of Sandy Hook, Kentucky, plays mandolin and sings tenor and lead. Prior to joining the band, he played with Dave Evans and Melvin Goins. Janet Flexman, Xenia, Ohio, plays bass and is the newest member of the band.

The band is dedicated to staying true to the traditional bluegrass style. With strong influences from the Stanley Brothers and Bill Monroe, the band is sure to please fans of the first generation bluegrass. They bring a good mix of traditional bluegrass and gospel. More information is available online at Mark Whitt Bluegrass.

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