Rock Island Plow Company

Rock Island Plow Company

Since beginning as a band in 2004, Rock Island Plow Company has stayed true to their roots of playing traditional bluegrass. Influenced by the likes of bluegrass forefathers: Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, The Stanley Brothers; Rock Island Plow Company works to keep the tradition alive. They have traveled the Midwest each year entertaining audiences with show antics and hard driving bluegrass style.


Founding member Stan Taylor has played bluegrass music with many bands through the years for the better part of his adulthood. Stan is known for old-time tenor voice bellowing out the old-time way. His harmonies are second to none in the business, as is his friendship to all he meets. Stan is the mandolin player in the band.

Doyle Wright is the lead singer, playing with the band since 2010, on and off. He works the crowd at every show as the front man of the band. His jokes and stories are told by audiences over and over. His singing is sought after by all the crowds he entertains. He is a solid rhythm guitar player who has a hard driving right hand.

Johnny Walker is no stranger to the bluegrass around southern Ohio. He is known for his recording studio abilities, as well as his Josh Graves-like resophonic guitar playing. He also fills in the trip parts on the baritone/bass side, filling in the harmonies to bring the essence of a full choir.

Jim Peterson has been playing the old five string for the better part of 30+ years. He is known all over southern Ohio for his banjo playing abilities. He has played with many great area bluegrass bands over his life. He will entertain all with his banjo style.

Jimmy Chatfield rounds out Rock Island Plow Company on the acoustic electric upright bass. Jimmy is one of the most rock-solid bass players who is sought after often for studio work, as well as filling in with other bands. Jimmy has the best hair in the bluegrass business and nothing short of professional when he steps on the stage.

We Hope to See You

If you have not had the opportunity to see Rock Island Plow Company in person, you must check out their Facebook page or come out to a show near you. You are guaranteed to be entertained musically.

See you at a show soon!!

Rock Island Plow Company

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