The Country Walkers

The Country Walkers Mark Cowan began playing old time style “Claw hammer” banjo at the age of 12. Starting out first playing the guitar he branched out to mastering the banjo while also playing the harmonica. When he was 16 years old his family formed a group called “The Country Walkers” when they were asked to play for camp grounds in 1976.

Mark’s love for old time folk music began with his father, George Cowan, and his mother, Martha (maiden Collett), born and raised in Pineville, Kentucky, bringing familiar songs with a mountain flavor including of course good old country gospel. The Country Walkers was a favorite on stage at the earlier Pioneer Village Old Time Music Festival 1980 – 1983.

The group was originally made up of the George, Martha, and Mark Cowan, and Shelby and Virgie Charles. Mark played a summer with Debbie and Ed Simpkins in The Old Time Music group for the various park districts of Ohio.

Following in the family tradition to continue to cultivate old time folk music, Mark’s son Zachariah Cowan began playing the guitar and mandolin with his father. Like his father, Zachariah inherited the love of old-time folk music and is the lead singer of the group now.

It is their passion to hold on to the tradition and play the songs “as they were played and sang” throughout the Appalachia mountains with origins from Scotland, Ireland, and old England. With Mark and Zachariah, you will hear eerie sounds of mountain model tunes like never before and hear both fact and emotions in the ballad songs of old

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